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Cole Reed

Board Member

Cole Reed is a mixed media artist and furniture designer currently located in Portland, Oregon. She has a profound ability to see the possibility in some of the most unlikely places and to transform seemingly innocuous materials into beautiful and powerful works of art that transcend from a visual experience into a conversation that illuminates some of the harsh truth’s of our time.


She has explored, discovered, created and collaborated in the arts and furniture design sphere’s in 3 states over 2 decades. While she was a student she had a live/work art space in Tucson called Ona de Luz that she attributes as her “graduate training” through encouragement, collaboration and gentle nudges from the art community of the building. It was here that she discovered her passion for salvaging existing materials and giving it new life as functional pieces of art through furniture creation and design. It was also here that she developed her ideals and values of community, collaboration and widening the path for the next wave of makers, artist, creators and human(e) persons.

Over the years she worked in metal, wood, photography and mixed media. She founded another live/work art studio, thiq ink. and co-founded a full time retail vintage, art and gift boutique, greenHAUS gallery + boutique where she can showcase her work alongside other amazing artists and mentor upcoming creators.

In these years she has never stopped creating, and honing her voice and her craft. Her pieces can be found in Beverly Hills Boutiques, custom homes across the country, the mayors office of Phoenix and happy clients and friends throughout the world. Now, Cole Reed is looking to branch out and give her creations a brand all their own. To start Cole will put into production between 1 and 3 furniture pieces. Then she will build a workshop to offer inspired and productive space for creating and brilliant collaboration or mentorship opportunities within her community.

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