The ReBuilding Center offers DeConstruction Services, a more affordable and environmentally sustainable alternative to demolition. Bringing nearly 20 years of experience to the art of dismantling for reuse, we salvage up to 85% of a structure’s component parts. Read what others have said about our work. 

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The Art of Dismantling for Reuse

We can dismantle anything by hand: from a kitchen or a full house to an entire city block or a 100-year-old grain mill. We work on residential, commercial, and industrial projects. DeConstruction reduces waste, promotes reuse and recycling, and minimizes the impact on our region’s natural resources.

We can help your project qualify for the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Certification. By choosing our DeConstruction Services, you are creating 6-8 more jobs for the community than a standard demolition job. Salvaged materials are available to the public at the ReBuilding Center store and live on in homes and other projects throughout our region. We have completed over 1,000 projects since our founding in 1998.

Social & Environmental Impact Calculator

The City of Portland has developed a "Deconstruction Calculator" to estimate the environmental impact of deconstruction in contrast to traditional mechanized demolition. 

a recent calculation of a 2,800-sq.-ft. home
demonstrated the following impacts of Deconstruction over demolition:

saves 1,821 Kilowatt hours of electricity

generates 6 more jobs for every 1 job in demolition


~16 tons of materials removed from the waste stream

Why DeConstruction?

SAVES 1.2 Gallons of fresh, clean water per sq. ft. of buildinG







“We have had great luck with DeConstruction Services of the ReBuilding Center. Since 2011, they have guided us in our house deconstruction efforts at Everett Custom Homes. Their project management has been exceptional: in their office, at the site, and with the courtesy they extend to the neighborhoods they work in. Another positive for us is that they are a non-profit, and all of the materials are donated to the Rebuilding Center [store]. I recommend DeConstruction Services without reservation.”

Joe Eslinger
EVerett custom homes

“I have worked with the ReBuilding Center and specifically Doug with their DeConstruction Services since they were located off the Fremont Bridge in Northwest Portland. Throughout the years and projects that we have worked together, I have never experienced any problems, delays or disagreements.  I am extremely happy with the professionalism that Doug and his crew have shown not only to me but to the owners of the property they are working on and the surrounding neighbors. Believe me, in Portland if the neighbors come away happy when you tear down the house next door to them, you know you are working with the right company!”

Charlie Metcalf
Metcalf Contracting LLC

“DeConstruction Services has been a go-to demolition subcontractor for Otis Construction since 2003. Their crews are efficient, courteous, and everyone seems dedicated to the mission of preserving the value of materials that might otherwise have gone to the landfill. Douglas Lichter is a pleasure to work with - he’s responsive, flexible, accommodating, his pricing is always fair, and when he inventories the salvaged material for my clients, the information is accurate and well-organized. I whole-heartedly recommend this excellent organization.”

Paul Steiner
President, Otis Construction, Inc.

“DeConstruction Services makes the decision between deconstructing and demolishing a home an easy one to make. There are opportunities for tax incentives, charitable giving, waste reduction, and reuse. In addition to that, DeConstruction Services is professional and efficient, delivering a high level of customer service to our homeowners and clients.”

Aaron Stevens
Don Tankersley & Co.

Past DeConstruction Jobs

Kennedy school

McMenamins donated all the materials salvaged during the restoration of an old elementary school into a theater, brewery, and hotel.

Egyptian Club

When taking apart an Egyptian-themed bar on Division, we discovered these amazing Doug Fir beams.

Martini house

Every Portlander remembers the thirty-two foot martini towering over the I-405, one of our most memorable projects to date.

Daybreak Cohousing

Dismantled three apartment buildings, making way for a community where residents participate in the design, governance, and operation.

Clark County Barn

This large barn, three outbuildings, and farmhouse yielded 33 tons of materials for salvaged reuse. Yes, tons.

Se hawthorne

We saved a stately Portland four square from the wrecking ball and assisted in the relocation and rehabilitation of the house next door.


Safety is our highest priority with the ReBuilding Center’s DeConstruction Services—both with our crews and the community. DeConstruction can be dangerous work, but our crews are trained and equipped to bring a house down safely while maximizing the salvage of materials!

We prove safety is our top priority by providing
industry-leading cleanup and containment procedures.

By testing for lead and asbestos and ensuring that it is safely removed and disposed of, we ensure that our neighbors are healthy and are not exposed to hazardous wastes. At the request of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, the ReBuilding Center’s DeConstruction Services conducted a study in 2015 that determined that approximately 50% of homes that had already been abated for asbestos still tested positive for asbestos contamination. The conclusion reached was that unless a home is deconstructed, it cannot be guaranteed that a community will not be exposed to asbestos during home removal.

Awards & Certificates

Renovation, Repair and Painting Program (RRP) certified

EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm

Oregon Ethics in Business Award Winner

Businesses for an Environmentally Friendly Tomorrow Award Winner

Costs & Donation Values

We will provide an itemized inventory and digital photographs of donated materials, which is sent to clients on a quarterly basis. You are responsible for determining the value of your donated materials. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations prohibit charitable organizations from establishing or affirming the value of contributions. If the value of your donation is five thousand dollars or more, you will be responsible for hiring a third party appraiser whose signature will be required on the IRS Form 8283. We maintain a list of recommended appraisers who can assist you in appraising your donations.

DeConstruction Services is a licensed, insured, and bonded demolition contractor (OR CCB# 145799, WA OURUNV*973B7). We charge for labor, materials, and other job costs associated with our work, as is typical in the construction contracting industry. IRS law prohibits us from deconstructing a project for free in trade for building materials.

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