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Helen Kilber

Board member

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Helen was born and raised in Australia but has spent most of her adult life outside Australia, so she is always happy when people tell her she still has an Australian accent.  

Helen's first job after college was with the Australian State Department, which sent her on stints in Geneva, Singapore and Madrid.  She came to the U.S. to complete her M.B.A. at U.C. Berkeley, stayed on to join an internet startup and then, as fate would have it, met and married Aaron, a guy from Oregon.  After a few years back in Australia where Helen worked as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, they made the big move to Portland and have been here, in N.E. Portland, just a few blocks from the ReBuilding Center ever since.  

Helen started her Oregon career working at Nike leading strategic planning for their global digital commerce business and vastly expanding her ability to employ sporting analogies for various business challenges. In recent years, however, she's been juggling teaching public policy to Masters students at Portland State University and completing her own PhD in public policy at the University of Washington.   She's nearly done, she swears!

Her two boys have led her into various adventures in volunteering and she teaches computer coding, robotics, engages in citizen science through the Johnson Creek Watershed Council, and with her family supports the winter family shelter at Congregation Beth Israel.  One of her sons loves to build things and she can't wait to get him involved at the ReBuilding Center.  While she doesn't have time for hobbies anymore, she and her husband pretend that they are still young and cool by going to see a lot of bands around Portland while secretly hoping that the band doesn't play too late.  

Helen has been a ReBuilding Center customer since 2004 and "loves that place" where she gets great advice on her various projects and is treated like a member of the community every time she shops there.  She also appreciates Ella Rose's "you look great girl" comments on those mornings when she is barely awake and has failed to brush her hair.