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Mayela Alvarado

Salvage Specialist

After graduating from High School, in a span of 20 years, I left behind a life in Alaska and a marriage. So with my three daughters, we settled for a life in the city.

Notwithstanding the commercial fishing, sourdough lifestyle, I'd accumulated a vast array of trade experiences. In a nutshell; being a cook/deckhand on commercial fishing boats, small bit of arc welding, tree planting for the Forestry Department, sign paining, clown personality, (one time the town's Easter Bunny!), piñata maker, court, medical, and School District (aside from Teacher's Aide) Translator; both written and oral, certified flagger, transformer of residential and commercial properties to become rent ready!

When I was lead to The ReBuilding Center, I was blessed with a nice home not far from my job where I've had the opportunity to garden, hang-dry my laundry, and collect rainwater in a barrel!; was to become mine, my daughter's and their lovely family's base and now foundation in our now current lifestyle and culture. I am proud and happy to have been blessed with my opportunity here at The ReBuilding Center, reflecting the importance of renewal, re-use and recycle as we give back our strength, vitality and virtue towards a better future.

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