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Shalonda Menefee

Community outreach manager


Many refer to Shalonda as a community activist but the term she truly embodies is, “Community Champion.” Born and raised in Northeast Portland, she’s dedicated her life and career to empowering and supporting those in her community. An entrepreneur, project manager, freelance consultant, mentor, artist and fashion designer, Shalonda has put her talents and passion to work to help others live up to their full potential. Ms. Menefee’s passion for supporting and advocating for her community extends far beyond her various mentoring and volunteer positions she has held, she has incorporated this passion into her way of life. With three bachelor degrees in Child and Family Studies, Black Studies, Social Sciences, and a certificate in Project Management, Ms. Menefee has additionally ensured the her education matches her community passion.

Up until 2012, she had served as a board member on several Multnomah County Boards such as: the Citizen Involvement Committee, Citizen Budget Advisory Board for Human Services, the Commission on Children Family and Communities and the CFCC Poverty Action Council as well as several grassroots nonprofits within her community.   Her work has spanned various organizations that focus on critical areas of need in our diverse community: education, housing, families and youth, women empowerment and economic development work. She is the developer and founder of SISTAS LLC, BACK2BASICS program and Dolled Up Workshop and Fashion which focuses on empowering women and youth in her community to realize their own potential.

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