Workforce Development & Employee Training

Our education program centers on teaching people how to use tools safely and apply new skills to future projects. Let us do the same for your employees with custom skill-based training to boost workplace safety and productivity. Rapidly onboard entry-level new hires in construction, deconstruction, and manufacturing, or give sales and admin staff better insight into the production side of your business.

We can create a short, intensive training focused on a specific process or set of tools, or design a skill-building series over multiple sessions.

A sample of the tools and skills we can offer in both rough and finish applications, including basic tool maintenance:

  • Tablesaw use on construction sites or production shops (from ripping large sheets to cutting box-joints.)

  • Chopsaw, including use of miter, bevel, sliding, and depth-stop functions.

  • Pneumatic nail guns and hand-nailing for framing or finish work.

  • Basic framing techniques, including rough openings, blocking, and marking layout.

  • Deconstruction for remodels, outbuildings, interior skims, or full-house tear-downs.

Need something else? We have many more tools and skills that we can share with your team! Let us know what you're looking for in the form below.

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