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Tablesaw Bootcamp

When is a tablesaw actually a router or a miter saw? When you can use it for box-joints, dados, rabbets, angled cuts, and other essential woodworking.

Featuring one of the most versatile and frequently used tools in carpentry and woodworking, Tablesaw Bootcamp provides essentials on maximizing use of your tablesaw in cabinetry, furniture-making, and more. (BONUS: save on shop space and tool costs!)

Skill level: Novice/Intermediate carpenters and woodworkers who want to level up their tablesaw use.

Topics covered (all on the tablesaw):
* Basic tablesaw maintenance and safety
* Cross-cuts, rip-cuts, and miter-cuts
* Joinery (box-joint, finger-joint, rabbet, dado)
* Sleds and jigs to buy or build on your own

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