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Installing GFCI's and 3-Way Switches

Adding 3-way light switches to stairways, long halls, or large rooms can improve safety and convenience in your home by allowing you to turn a light on or off from two different locations. GFCI's can be installed to replace older outlets, protect ungrounded circuits, or keep new wiring code-compliant. Through a mix of lecture, Q&A discussion, and hands-on practice, this class will teach you how to tackle these two popular updates to a home's electrical system.

Skill level: Students should already be familiar with how to strip wire and make safe connections to outlets and light switches, such as having attended one of our Intro to Electrical for Homeowners classes.

Topics covered:
* what a GFCI is, how they work, and where they're required
* how to install a GFCI either as a stand-alone outlet or as part of a branch circuit
* 3-way light switches, how they work, and options for wiring them
* how to test for proper wiring before and after installation

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