Do you have reusable building materials that are ready for a new home?
Donate them to our store, where they will be sold or donated back to the community!
All donations to the ReBuilding Center are tax-deductible (receipt provided) and support our work to build community resilience through reuse.

Material Donation FAQs

+ What materials are accepted?

Please see the acceptance guidelines below or view this PDF.

+ Where do I drop off my material donation?

Donations are accepted at our store (3625 N. Mississippi Avenue in Portland). Please donate all lumber, doors, and window donations through the alley off North Fremont Street. Please donate all plumbing, cabinets, appliances, hardware, and lighting donations out front on North Mississippi Avenue.

+ When can I drop off my material donation?

You can drop off materials any time during our hours of operation. Monday-Saturday: 10AM - 6PM Sunday: 10AM - 5PM

+ What if my donation is too large for me to transport?

We offer a free pick-up service for large, pre-approved donations.

+ Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes, we provide a receipt for all donated materials that can be used for tax purposes.

+ Where can I take a donation that you can't accept?

We’ve created a community resource list of what to do with items that we can’t accept, along with lending libraries, education, green building, recycling, and salvage resources.

The ReBuilding Center is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, Tax ID# 93-1241474. Your donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Federal law states that goods must be in “good used condition or better” in order to qualify for tax deductions. IRS regulations prohibit nonprofit organizations from establishing or affirming the value of the contributions.

Donation Acceptance Guidelines

All donations are accepted at staff discretion and must be in reusable condition.

+ Lumber, Trim, Siding & Fencing


  • 4 ft. Minimum Length + De-Nailed

  • Exception: Rough Cut and Beams Accepted at Staff Discretion

  • 4 ft. Minimum Length over 500 Linear Feet with Nails via Pick-Up Service Only


  • 3 ft. Minimum Length + De-Nailed

  • Cement Siding Accepted at Staff Discretion

  • No Vinyl, Metal, or Wood Composite


  • Metal Fencing; Chainlink Rolled with Debris

  • Plastic or Vinyl Fencing in Excellent Condition

  • Wooden Fencing without Rot

  • Wood and Metail Railings + Gates


  • 4ft. x 4ft. Minimum + De-Nailed


  • 5ft. Minimum Length + De-Nailed


  • Items with: Peeling or Chalking Paint, Mold, Dry Rot, Asbestos, Creosote, Pest Infestations

+ Doors

  • Interior + Exterior Residential Doors
  • Carriage Style Garage Doors
  • Hollow-Core Doors: Pre-Hung (with a Frame), Unpainted
  • Solid-Core Doors
  • Complete Door-Jame Sets, Tracking
  • Aluminum Screen Doors
  • Bi-Fold and Bi-Pass Doors
  • Sliding Patio Doors: Thermal Insulated with Frame Intact
  • Residential Security Doors: with or without Complete Frame


  • Roll-Up Garage Doors

  • Shower Doors

  • Bowed or Warped Doors

  • Doors with Failing Paint, Drastic Alterations, Rot, Failing Seals or Asbestos

+ Windows

  • Double Pane Vinyl and Wood Windows: 32 sq. ft. or Smaller with Clear (Non-Foggy) Panes and Intact Seals
  • Blinds: Wooden Only
  • Single Pane Wood Windows (with or without Frame): 32 sq. ft. or Smaller; Larger than 32 sq. ft. Accepted at Staff Discretion
  • Shutters and Window Screens


  • Windows with Crumbling Glazing or Failing Paint

  • Plastic Curtain Rods, Plastic/Metal Blinds, Curtains, Drapes, Roll-Up Shades

  • Broken Seals on Double Pane

+ Tubs, Toilets & Sinks


  • Low Flow (1.6 Gallons/Flush or Less) Exception: Pre-1940 Models

  • Clean and Complete with Lid


  • Cast Iron, Stainless, Porcelain, etc.


  • Metal or Porcelain Bathtubs

  • Claw Foot Tubs

  • Soaking Tubs, Shower Stalls

*Note: Tubs, Toilets, and Sinks: Custom colors (avacado, blue, etc.) accepted at staff discretion only.

CANNOT ACCEPT Toilets, Tubs, or Sinks with...

  • Cracks, Chips, Peeling Finish, or Deep Scratches

  • Heavy Caulking, Glues, or Severe Stains

  • Exceptions: Rare or Vintage Models

+ Glass & Mirror

  • Unframed Mirror 3ft. x 3ft. or Smaller

  • Mirrored Closet Doors

  • Framed Mirrors up to 24 sq. ft.

  • Exposed edges must be taped.

  • Speciality Glass Accepted at Staff Discretion


  • Glue-Backed or Broken Mirror

  • Glass with Glazing or Jagged Edges

  • Unframed Glass or Tempered Glass

+ Cabinets

  • Full Cabinet Sets, Individual Cabinets, and Vanities - Complete with Attached Doors and Drawers

  • Loose Cabinet Drawers and Doors - Solid Wood and Plywood

  • Shelves - Plywood and Solid Wood

  • Complete Shelf Units + Bookshelves

  • Particleboard/Melamine items must be Excellent Condition with No Damage or Delamination


  • Cabinet Shells

  • Loose Melamine Drawers, Doors or Shelves

+ Woodstoves, Furnaces & Appliances

  • Woodstoves and Pellet Stoves: DEQ or EPA Certified ONLY

  • Furnaces: Less than 10 Years Old in Working Order

  • Appliances: Less than 10 Years Old in Working Order*

    *Except Specialty Vintage, and Those in Reusable Condition with Full Kitchen Cabinet Set


  • Dishwashers without Stainless Steel Interiors

  • Baseboard + Wall Heaters

  • Square Heating Duct

  • Fireplace Heat Blowers

+ Flooring, Bricks & Pavers


  • Carpet Squares without Excessive Adhesive

  • Marmoleum


  • 2 ft. or Longer, De-Nailed, No Glue or Mastic

  • Manufactured Wood Flooring: New in the Box, 10 sq. ft. or More


  • Whole without Mortar


  • Whole, No Chips or Grout (Not Used)

  • Boxed and Greater than 10 sq. ft.

  • Unboxed + Small Quantities Accepted at Staff Discretion


  • Rolled Carpet, Carpet Pads, or Carpet Tack Strips

  • Linoleum, Stone, or Composite Slabs

  • Linolum or Vinyl Flooring

  • Recalled Flooring (ex. Flooring Manufactured in China)

+ Roofing, Insulation, Pipes & Gutters


  • Three-Tab and Architectural Shingles: New in Bundles

  • Wood Shake Roofing: De-Nailed without Rot

  • Metal and Fiberglass Roofing


  • Batt Insulation: Clean and in Bags

  • Rigid Insulation

  • Duct Insulation: New and Contained in Original and Unopened Box


  • Plastic and Metal Pipes and Gutters: Straight, 5 to 16 ft. Long, No Attached Connectors

  • Loose Connectors Accepted

+ Lighting

  • Complete Light Fixtures without Light Bulbs

  • Glass Shades and Globes

  • Commercial Fixtures Accepted and Staff Discretion


  • Light Bulbs, Ceiling Fans

  • Fluorescent, Warehouse Sodium and/or Halide Light Fixtures

+ Miscellaneous Items

  • Hardware: Door, Plumbing, Lighting, Fasteners, Hangers, etc.

  • Hand Tools

  • Power Tools Accepted at Staff Discretion


  • Light Switches or Dimmers

  • Electrical Outlets

  • Desk/Office Partitions (Exception: Solid Wood Vintage)

  • Smoke Detectors + Thermostats

  • Liquids/Powders (Paints, Grout, etc.)

  • Ceiling Tiles

We cannot accept materials containing hazardous substances: asbestos-containing materials, PCBs, toxic or flammable products, batteries, contaminated plumbing, containers that may have held chemicals of any kind or pest infestations.

On rare occasions when we are over-stocked on an item, current outflow is slow, and/or items cannot be safely stocked, we will place a donation freeze on that item. These guidelines are subject to change at any time. For questions, please call 503-331-1877.

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