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Intro to Carpentry: Collapsible Chair

NOTE: This is a TWO-DAY CLASS, with the same start and end times on BOTH DAYS.

Learn how to accurately cut, assemble, and finish raw lumber to make this collapsible chair. Top and bottom sections nest for easy storage, or slide together to make a quick and comfortable chair when you need it.

Make an awesome chair while taking your woodworking skills to a whole new level! (Not to mention impressing your friends and family. You might be able to barter chairs for new tools - just sayin'!)

Skill level: Beginner/novice (basic familiarity with measuring, power drill/driver, and at least one power saw)

Topics covered:
* safe and accurate cuts on bandsaw, scrollsaw, tablesaw, and chopsaw
* drillpress and power drills
* assembly & finishing touches: power drill/driver, sanding

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