Rebuilding Center Staff Get Crafty for Creative Reuse Day

To celebrate National Reuse Day, we wanted to give you some inspiration to create your own reuse projects! Check out what our crafty staff members at The Rebuilding Center have made out of repurposed materials.

Kelly Stevens, the office manager at the Rebuilding Center created this cute, crafty and very Northwest scarf hanger. Kelly purchased the fixture from us a couple of years ago to store her Timbers Army scarves and wood goal coin!

Michael McMahon shared his inspiring ADU's (Accessory Dwelling Units) he hand crafted out of materials from the Rebuilding Center warehouse in his backyard.

Tom Patzkowski laid his own pavers with a successful little wall that sections off his side hard.

shed doors creative reuse lumber

Sean O'Connor is in the process of moving into a small home with his family 4 where they are utilizing all the spaces on the property. Here you can see the shed walls that he has created with different stained pieces of lumber from our lumberyard.

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