Trashcans for Sustainable Mississippi Ave

Katy Wolf (Boise Neighborhood board member) talks about our involvement with the Mississippi Ave trashcans that were installed 13 years ago. Because they are paid for by the street and not the city, it can take years to properly deal with the maintenance requirements. We helped move and scrap some of the cans that were beyond repair, others we committed to trying to mend the cracks. Right now Sustainable Mississippi - a Portland, OR neighborhood is drafting plans for new trashcans - check the link for more info. Thanks Tom! Thanks Jarod!

"A BIG thank you to Tom Patzkowski of the The Rebuilding Center for helping to take care of some of the most neglected trash cans on Mississippi Ave. It's not well known, but all the cans were installed about 13 years ago through a community partnership, and the Cloudburst pickups are paid for by the Mississippi Ave Business Association (not the City). However, because it's not anyone's responsibility to actually maintain the cans, it can take YEARS to get maintenance addressed.

The can at Interurban was cracked beyond repair, and had to be thrown out. The one from the John Palmer house was moved there instead, and it has cracking but may be reparable, so Jarod from Rebuilding Center will try to repair it. Thank you!

If you're interested in this topic, you may want to check out a draft plan of recommendations on creating new cans for the street ( The plan won't move forward without business owner and association leadership, so until then, we'll keep repairing what we have and leaving it up to individual business owners to provide exterior cans if they are able to. We appreciate the service that providing cans adds to our community livability, health and hygiene, and that the HMBA pays for their pickup service.

Also, a side note that Williams Ave. Business Association is moving forward with a trash can committee to create new cans. More coming on that soon."

- Katy Wolf, Boise board member

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