Hand-crafted Reclaimed Furniture from Urban Industrial NW

Welder/woodworker Greg Hostetter crafts one-of-a-kind reclaimed furniture out of materials he gets at the Rebuilding Center. The rich colors, warm tones and fascinating grains of reclaimed old-growth lumber characterize his pieces and inspire the artist in him.

After too many years working too many hours as a professional TIG welder, Hostetter left his demanding corporate job for self employment. He and his fiancée founded Urban Industrial NW about two years ago—he builds the furniture and she takes care of the marketing. He gets most of his wood from the Rebuilding Center, coming in at least three days a week to find wood with the rustic character he loves, complete with saw marks and blackening from old nails. “The Rebuilding Center is awesome. Everyone is so nice, the pricing is good and they do a lot for the community,” says Greg. “You never know what you’ll find”

Reclaimed wood takes a special eye, according to Greg. It may be hard to see through the dirt and muck accumulating on a board as it sits around for years, but he loves the magic of that “oh my gosh” moment when refinishing reveals the vibrant golden tones within. Not only is reclaimed wood better than newly harvested product, Greg’s glad no one’s cutting down a forest for his furniture.

Life as a craftsman is good for Greg. Instead of working 60 hours a week for a big company, he gets to spend more time with his family and express his creativity. 90 percent of his work is custom orders, and he puts the rest in his Etsy shop. View his work there and on his Facebook page and get inspired for Creative Reuse!

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