ReUse Ideas: #1

From the exotic plants of artist Hilary Pfeifer to the use of reclaimed windows and doors at the Sungarden Montessori school in Portland, creative reuse projects abound and are as varied as the materials they use. Here’s a sampling of some creative reuse projects from community members.

Hilary Pfeifer’s traveling exhibit “Natural Selection” offers an intriguing exploration of intimacy and relationships, while mimicking the ingenuity of nature in its reclamation of used materials. She created an installation of bonsai-like plants made mostly from reclaimed and scrap materials. The greenhouse in which they live was partially made from sliding glass doors donated by The ReBuilding Center.

The Sungarden Montessori school has also demonstrated the spirit of reuse by enhancing their space with the addition of a few colorful doors and windows.

And finally, thank you to Suzi Cloutier for sharing this message with us:

“10 years ago, I rebuilt my 250 square foot cabin with less than $500 worth of materials from the ReBuilding Center. It was a Godsend to a broke gal trying to make life work in a tiny house in the trees (which I lovingly did for 6 years). I love it and its mission as much today as I did back then, and am collecting parts for my next building project which will be a FULLY recycled materials Cobb Home.”

Way to go Suzi! Best of luck on your project.

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