The ReBuilding Center Tweets!

For quite some time now people have been asking if we can post inventory updates more regularly on our website. Due to the volume of materials we move daily (about 8 tons!) and the frequency of changing inventory (every 15 minutes!) we have been unable to make it a reality. Until now—thanks to a site called Twitter.

Twitter is the latest buzz in social media technologies. Twitter is a social network similar to myspace, facebook and many blogging platforms (such as blogger) that allows individuals to post quick updates (called “tweets”) for friends and followers to read.

We are experimenting with Twitter as a means to let you know what’s going on in the warehouse. We will post a sampling of new inventory as it comes through the doors as well as reduced prices on materials. As of now, these “tweets” will not include photographs, but you can always get your graphic fill from “Today’s Finds”—our twice monthly newsletter.

To receive The ReBuilding Center’s “tweets” you will first have to join the Twitter community by visiting their website and creating an account. After that you can search for “The ReBuilding Center” with Twitter’s “Find People” tool. Then, all you have to do is click “Follow” to receive a happy stream of updates fresh from the warehouse.

We appreciate your feedback on how best we can utilize this new tool and thank you for your patience as we try the course. Questions? Email or call us at 503-542-5051!

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