ReBuilding Center Strives for a Waste Free Event

Open The DOOR to Sustainability strives to be a 100% waste free. 

A waste free event is a natural step for The ReBuilding Center, whose operations divert an average of 6.5 million pounds of construction waste from landfills each year. 

But what does a waste free event look like? 

Our goal is to produce zero garbage and as little recycling waste as possible. We are doing so by: 

- Using reusable dishware for food and beverages
- Composting Food Scraps
- Providing cloth napkins
- Catering the event with companies who are dedicated to sustainable practices
- Recycling all paper products, including signage and auction catalogs, after the event

In addition to our commitment to make this event waste-free, we are demonstrating sustainable practices by offering food and beverages that are produced locally and in many cases organically. We are encouraging people to carpool and to use any form of alternative transportation such as public transit, biking or walking. Each person using this method will be entered into a drawing for a special prize. The Bison Building, located at 410 NE 10th Ave, has easy access to public transit and is just 10 blocks from the East Bank Esplanade pedestrian and bike path. 

Open The DOOR To Sustainability is not merely a fundraiser for The ReBuilding Center, it is also a showcase of the many ways Portland businesses are working together to make our community a healthier, more sustainable place.  We hope to set a precedent for future events by demonstrating that a waste-free celebration is not only possible, but beautiful. This challenge offers a truly amazing opportunity to come together as a community to find new ways to bring sustainable practices to the forefront. 

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