TRC Drivers Bring in the Darndest Things!

This original 35’ wooden flagpole flew for 100 years at the Meier & Frank warehouse on NW 14th and Everett! Come visit The ReBuilding Center to see for yourself some of the amazing one-of-a-kind materials we have available for sale.

07/07/11 | 2 Comments | TRC Drivers Bring in the Darndest Things!


  • 1.Hooray that it won't be burned for firewood like the original one at Columbia Barracks, Fort Vancouver !

    FichenDich | May 2011 | Wood Village, OR

  • 2.It's nice to see one of our flagpoles that we made many years ago. Our company started to build wood flagpoles in 1885 and did so till we could no longer get the quality of wood we needed in the late 1970's. 

    We are still owned and operated by the fifth and sixth generation, in San Francisco. 

    Larry Bolander

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