In Case You Were Wondering…

How we determine what used materials The ReBuilding Center (TRC) accept

The ReBuilding Center accepts used building materials solely based on whether or not they are re-usable rather than how much they’re worth monetarily. If based on our working experience and industry knowledge, we can find a new home for a used item, we can accept it. There are donation guidelines (available on our website and hard copies upon request) TRC Salvage Specialists use to help determine what materials we can accept and those we cannot.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, federal law specifies tax-deductible donations must be in “good used condition or better.” Unfortunately, we can’t accept items damaged beyond reuse or used materials we can’t re-purpose. We also cannot accept materials containing hazardous substances, or deemed unsafe. On very rare occasions, we will implement a moratorium on a specific item when it’s overstocked.  The moratorium will be lifted as space becomes available. (For example, we currently have a moratorium on fiberglass tubs.)Whether we accept an item or not, we’re always grateful for anyone’s efforts to try and save materials rather than just discarding them as waste. We’ll always do our best to recommend other alternatives over waste for anything we cannot accept.

If you have questions regarding an item you’d like to donate, please view our donation guidelines or call 503-331-1877. All donations must be accepted in person by a TRC Salvage Specialist or a representative of our free pick-up service. The ReBuilding Center diverts up to 8 tons of used materials each day for reuse thanks to thousands of people like you who make the extra effort to keep reusable materials out of the waste stream. 

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