Sneak Peek: Spring 2012 Class Schedule

Our Fall/Winter class schedule filled up faster than ever and we know many of you are eagerly awaiting our spring schedule. The full schedule will be out at the end of next week and will include classes from March to June. Check back to sign up or Sign Up for for our classes and workshop newsletter and be the first to know! While you are waiting, here are a few of the most popular classes we will be bringing back this spring!

Introduction to Carpentry for Women 101
This hands-on workshop builds up a comfortable working knowledge with construction and woodshop principles. It covers safety, power tools, hand tools, and basic techniques. Students will build a simple product from reclaimed materials to take home their experience. For all skill levels

Introduction to Carpentry for Women 102
Builds on the basic skills you will learn from the 101 class. 102 goes further into specific tools and gives you an opportunity to use larger shop tools like the table saw, band saw, and drill press. For intermediate skill levels

Classic Window Repair and Screen/Strom Window Building
Restore classic wood sash windows to make them fully operable and more energy efficient. Then go in to detail on how to build your own wood screen/storm windows. Learn the whole process from layout to finish. Gain experience with tools like the table saw, and if you have a (small) window or windows you’re looking to restore in your own home bring in the dimensions and build a storm window to your specs. For beginner to intermediate skill levels

Building Bee Hives pictured above
Get hands-on experience on how to construct your own bee hives out of reclaimed materials, and discuss organic bee hive maintenance.

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