May 17: Living Legacy Story - Chinelos Dancers

Join us for this dynamic and vibrant event featuring, Orgullo Morelense Cemiac, a Chinelos dance group on Saturday, May 17th from 1-3pm.

Chinelos are the best-known Carnival dancers in Mexico and are easily recognizable with their elaborate costumes and distinctive jump-like dance. The Chinelos group, Orgullo Morelense Cemiac, was started in Portland, OR in 2009 by Alex Arenales as a way to teach his children about the customs and traditions of his hometown of Morelos, Mexico. Alex and his Chinelos Dancers enliven and build community in Portland through their vibrant cultural sharing.

This event will include a viewing of the colorful, intricate costumes at 1pm, as well as a live performance at 2pm.

The performance will take place at the Community Trees area at The ReBuilding Center, 3625 N. Mississippi Ave. Everyone is invited to this free community event.

This event is hosted by the Community Legacy Program of Our United Villages, a free resource for sharing community-building stories, strategies and ideas.

Saturday, May 17
1pm to 3pm

The ReBuilding Center
3625 N. Mississippi Ave
Portland, OR 97227

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