PPS Kids Design Their Own Guitars

May 1st - May 8th was ‪#‎STEMWeekOregon‬, a movement to raise awareness and celebrate activities that involve technology, engineering and math (STEM)!

What better way to celebrate than to open our wood shop doors to over 170+ Portland Public Schools students to build their own three-string guitars?

Over the last two weeks we have hosted two groups of middle school students from West Sylvan and Cesar Chavez, who have engaged in a hands-on learning process. With two more block classes to come, we look forward to the opportunity to show the relevance of their lesson plans in a practical way. Using sustainable materials, the students will learn about design processes that apply to everything from architecture to software development!

Portland Public Schools is teaming up with ReBuilding Center to bring STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) skills to over one-hundred-and-seventy seventh graders over the course of the month. Four groups of Middle School students will design and create their own three string guitar at ReBuilding Center and put new relevance to their lesson plans and put practical meaning to subjects learned in the classroom! If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please email ashley@rebuildingcenter.org.

We'd like to give big thanks to all of our volunteers, teachers, parents, staff, Black Book Guitars, WoodCrafters and Home Depot for all of your support to make this happen!

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