Modernizing the ReBuilding Center

Mike Alfoni joins the ReBuilding Center team this month from, of all places, the Board of Directors. Mike brings a wealth of experience from managing political campaigns to makerspaces, to consulting for both for- and non-profits on data and technology. Mike comes to us as a result of a three-year grant we received from the Murdock Charitable Trust to make the market for salvaged materials a part of everyday life.

Use worldly wealth to gain friends for yourselves.
— Murdock Charitable Trust

Over the next three years, Mike will help RBC develop and implement new point of sale and inventory systems that will allow us to know exactly what is in the store at all times and to make it available online. This represents a major modernization of the salvage industry and we are excited to be a part of it.

Over the coming years, you will see new technologies and systems coming into place here. You’ll eventually be able to view our inventory online from home or with one of our staff in the warehouse who will be able to point you to the exact door, chandelier, or lumber you’re looking for. You’ll also see improvements to how materials are organized in the building itself.

As we go through this process, your opinion matters. Do you have things that you would like to see here in terms of how things are organized, how you might interact with salvaged materials online, or in terms of finding and buying things at the Rebuilding Center? Please let us know!

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