Volunteers from Around the World Discover the Power of Reuse 


The ReBuilding Center was happy to welcome the Student Leaders Program (SLP) as a part of the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) at Portland State University (PSU). The Middle East Partnership Initiative consists of international students visiting from the Middle East and North Africa to participate in a five to seven-week Civic Engagement and Community Leadership Program.


For three days in July, the international student group spent time helping out as volunteers and learning all about the mission of the ReBuilding Center. Students were given a tour and then jumped in and assisted with projects and even visited a deconstruction site at Grant High School. They were able to put their hands to work as they learned about conservation, sustainability, and reuse. The student group had a fantastic experience volunteering and sent this lovely note of gratitude to
David Lowe, Volunteer Services and Education Manager. 

"The students from the Middle East Partnership Initiative really
enjoyed their time with you all at the ReBuilding Center last week.
The entire experience was very meaningful, and really helped frame their time in the U.S. and for talking about conditions in their own communities. The visit to the deconstruction of Grant High School was also very special, and I really appreciate you accommodating this. I wanted to give a sincere THANK YOU for all your work in arranging this experience."
-Laura Lyons, Program Assistant, Student Leaders Program, PSU

Thank you Laura and all the amazing SLP group for your good work and help building community through reuse!

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