Behind the Materials: Beetroot Market & Deli

For every guest in the store, there’s a story behind why they are here, from projects large and small to no project at all (just stopping by to see what is in or to chat with the community).

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Back in July, we snapped a photo of ReBuilding Center regular, Daniel Goers, and Salvage Specialist, Alex. We learned that Daniel was working on a build out at Beetroot Market & Deli, using ReBuilding Center reclaimed lumber.

Beetroot Market & Deli is a modern NW Jewish deli and specialty food store located at 1639 NW Glisan Street. Sonya Sanford, Executive Chef and Owner, opened Beetroot in mid-August of this year. In preparation for the opening, Sonya worked with Daniel to build out an interior with reclaimed materials.

Daniel Goers, of Goers Design, has been shopping at the ReBuilding Center for a few years now. With a background in furniture making and design, he first started reusing building materials in 2011 while living in New York City. While passing by construction projects, he noticed people were throwing away perfectly usable lumber. Over the years, Daniel developed a deep appreciation for local materials and the beauty of old-growth lumber. He feels compelled to use reclaimed material, rather than purchasing new.


Now that Beetroot is officially up and running, we stopped by on a sunny afternoon to check out the finish projects and to chat with Daniel about his experience using reclaimed materials in the space. (Cont’d below)

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Daniel solely used reclaimed Douglas Fir 2” x 4”s for every piece in Beetroot, from the tables to the shelves. Daniel made the space feel bright and airy by using a clear finish to show off the natural beauty of the Douglas Fir and a white wash on certain pieces to add focal points.

“This project was able to stay low-budget because of resources like the ReBuilding Center,” Daniel explained. “I was able to produce high quality projects because of the ability to use reclaimed old growth lumber.”

Beetroot’s space is simple and modern, but has a clear attention to detail. From the bussing station to the condiment shelf, Daniel’s craftsmanship and appreciation for salvaged lumber shines through. Check out the space for yourself, and pick up a delicious sandwich or yummy treat while you’re at it. Beetroot is open Sunday-Friday from 8AM-4PM.

Side Note: Sonya even donated some material that she inherited from the NW Glisan building to our store! One donation was a custom bar that ended up finding a home at Black Book Guitars, our neighbor across the street. Check it out, here!

Are you interesting in learning how to build your own projects out of reclaimed materials? ReBuilding Center classes like Remilling Lumber: Rough to Finish Material or Intro to Carpentry Tools are great starting points. Come build your skills with us!

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