A Part of the Family

Volunteers are essential to the ReBuilding Center’s operation and mission. Just last year, we had over 2,250 people donate their time with us at least one time! We strive to treat every volunteer as part of the family, no matter how many hours are spent with us.

TJ and Ella Rose at the ReBuilding Center’s 2018 Day of Service

TJ and Ella Rose at the ReBuilding Center’s 2018 Day of Service

Like many ReBuilding Center volunteers, TJ was first a regular customer at the ReBuilding Center Store. After building a rapport with the staff, he started helping out where needed in 2012 and has been around ever since. For TJ, the ReBuilding Center feels like a home away from home and for the ReBuilding Center staff, TJ feels like a part of the family.

TJ recently discussed with us his love for learning new skills and the ability to do that at the ReBuilding Center. “If I consider myself skillful in (or knowledgeable about) anything, it's because I was able to glean the knowledge or expertise from a volunteer or staff member I happen to be working with on a project. I have picked up real in-depth knowledge from staff members on everything from wood staining/finishing, framing houses, moving large equipment and machinery, to time management strategies, as well as conflict resolution skills.”

Retractable Ladder Project

Retractable Ladder Project

Our staff feels the same way. TJ has been an incredible resource for process improvements and a pillar of knowledge in many arenas, such as metalwork. “What a gem. Where to start?” mentioned Aaron Green, Education Program Coordinator, about his experience working with TJ. “Most recently, the retractable ladder broke that we use daily to go between the Education Shop and the alley. Within a week, TJ re-welded the leg, making it far stronger, and added rubber “feet” to brace the impact of the ladder against the wall. It is way safer to use now than it ever has been in the past.”

There are countless more projects that TJ has helped with at the ReBuilding Center - from constructing beautiful kiosks to participating in our annual Day of Service. At the end of the day, the we are honored to be able to work among such wonderful members of our community.


If you’re interested in learning more about volunteering at the ReBuilding Center, go here.

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