Bird Bath

Cory is inspired by “taking someone else’s materials and turning it into something they may never have dreamed of”.

Project Difficulty: Moderate

Materials Needed:

  • 1 glass diffuser (from a ceiling light fixture)
    Should be large and shallow, with no holes or openings
  • 1 glass ring with three holes (from a light fixture)
    Opening should be slightly smaller than diffuser
  • 3 knobs with bolts (from a cupboard)
    Check that knob hardware can thread through the glass ring’s holes
  • 3 door striker plates
  • Links of chain (from a light fixture or similar)
  • Mounting hardware (from an old chandelier)
  • Screws and various hardware to connect all the pieces

Equipment Needed:

  • Pliers to open and close chain links
  • Crescent wrench
  • Screwdriver (manual or power)


Step 1: Thread one knob’s bolt down through a hole in both the glass ring (with the knob facing up) and a door striker plate; the striker plate should cross under the ring and extend past the outer edge. (See photos below.) Fasten knob in place, then repeat steps for the remaining knobs and striker plates.

Step 2: Attach the chain links to each other and mounting hardware as needed, then attach the last link of each chain to a striker plate. (See photos below.)

Step 3: Affix mounting hardware to your chosen location.

Step 4: Rinse glass diffuser and fill with water, then place it on top of the glass ring. The outside edges of the diffuser will rest on the tops of the knobs.

What inspires you to do creative reuse?
“The thing that is so inspiring to me is taking someone else’s materials and turning it into something they may never have dreamed of. It’s also fun to enter TRC with an open mind and let the materials tell me what they want to do.”

Additional Comments
“Each time I build anything out of merchandise from The ReBuilding Center, it’s case by case how it’s built - all depending on what’s available at the time of construction.”

Submitted by:
Cory McGuire in Portland, OR

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