Creative ReUse Challenge: Hollow Core Doors

We’re excited to announce The ReBuilding Center’s Creative ReUse Challenge taking place throughout the month of November.

Flex your creative muscle to show off your project that reuses or re-purposes the common Hollow Core Door.  Build a desk, modify doors to make storage shelves, make it into an interesting art piece - the only limit is your imagination!  Drop by The ReBuilding Center to grab a hollow core door and discover what you can do!  All hollow core bi-pass and bi-fold doors are 25% off through November 30.

Here’s how it works:
1) Select and purchase a flat bi-pass or bi-fold hollow core door(s) at The ReBuilding Center for your reuse or re-purpose idea.
2) Create something new, useful, and/or interesting out of your door(s)!
3) If you’re willing to contribute to our creative reuse library, take photos of your finished project and email them to: . Please add a note telling us about your project—e.g., what you built, how you built it, how the creative process guided you, etc. (Note: By sending your submission, you are giving The ReBuilding Center permission to share your idea on our website, unless you specify otherwise.)
4) Each participant who submits a photo and description of their project will be rewarded with a 10% off coupon that can be used at The ReBuilding Center on a future purchase!
5) We will highlight selected hollow core door reuse/re-purpose project submissions in our Creative ReUse Library

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