Volunteer Spotlight: Angela Ramseyer

ReBuilding Center volunteer Angela Ramseyer may have constructed and lived in a tiny house, but she brings the ReBuilding Center a huge amount of knowledge and experience. Angela’s interests and experiences have already benefited the ReBuilding Center staff and guests, and she’s just getting started!

ReBuilding Center volunteer Angela Ramseyer is an artist, poet, writer, tanguera and  neophyte guitar player, recently relocated from Whidbey Island, WA to Portland, OR. Despite her relocation, perhaps her most interesting journey has been the five-and-a-half years spent building an 8'x16' house on wheels. With no prior construction experience, no owned land, land, and four moves over the course of the project, Angela successfully completed, and inhabited her home for the following two years. Her incredible journey can be found on her blog: http://www.mightymicrobuilt.com

Since beginning her volunteer service at the ReBuilding Center, Angela has joined the Newsletter Team, worked on a deconstruction site, taken donations, joined the Kiosk building project, volunteered in the lumber yard, and shared her artistic ability in photography for Today’s Finds and other productions.

We are so grateful to have Angela on our volunteer team!

For more information on how to volunteer with the ReBuilding Center, contact Dave Lowe at volunteer@rebuildingcenter.org.

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