Done With Winter Creative Reuse Project


Winter is slowly coming to an end and it’s almost time for all the beautiful roses and ripe tomatoes to blossom and grow. In Portland, with all the excess rain it's a little harder to make sure your plants don’t get overwatered. Other times the sun just doesn't want to cooperate. You might be thinking, “well there's not much I can do to control the rain or shine”. You could purchase a greenhouse, although it might be quite a financial investment when all you want is a few vegetables and a some flowers. Why not come down to the ReBuilding Center and pick out some beautiful windows and make your very own miniature greenhouse?

All you need is screws, nails, your toolbox, and, most importantly, some used windows.

Let's get started! Here are two options, so it’s up to you to start your own mini greenhouse project that you are most comfortable with:

Option 1:

•Lay one window flat as the floor (or go without a floor so that the greenhouse can be picked up and placed over plants as needed)


•Attach two windows with a piece of angle iron in a peak for a gabled roof

•Lift one wall taller than the one opposite with a 2×4 so that you can lay another window •across them to make an angled roof

•Use nails, screws, hinges, or angle irons to attach sides together

•Opt out of a door and leave one side open


Option 2:

•Place the sides of the four walls firmly against each other in a square (again, make sure they are the same height and length)

•Hammer nails gently through the wooden frames at each corner

•Strengthen with angle irons placed on the inside corners if needed

•Place a fifth window flat across the top and attach to one side with hinges to create a lidded roof

Check out this link for the full how-to.

It all comes down to your personal style. Do some experimenting. If you’re more comfortable with tools, feel free to get creative with a frame, legs, and gabled roof. Happy gardening!

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