Reclamation Administration article, "Drowning in Demolition"

Adding to the list of reasons why deconstruction is beneficial: water conservation.

In this eye-opening The Reclamation Administration article, Sara Baiali recounts a morning biking past the demolition site of the old Wonder Bread HQ and notices the hoses wetting down all the materials. She later discovers that those hoses are not only pumping more than a gallon per square foot of building being demolished but that the water is actually being landfilled for the hazardous waste it accumulates in the process!

Deconstruction does not consume water like demolition because it does not require the dust suppression technology required by Oregon and EPA guidelines. Save thousands of gallons of water that is going into our sewers and landfills! Share about deconstruction.

Link to article

Trade Show Training: Wednesday, November 11th

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Trade Show Training
November 11th
6:30pm to 7:30pm

Time Commitment: After training, 3 - 8 hour shifts available throughout the year. Each event is different and flexible, so let us know what works for you!

Once a year, we offer this training to those of you who enjoy getting out in the community and connecting with people at events. We go to Trade Shows, Fix-It-Fairs, Sunday Parkways, Environmental Expos and many other community events. Tabling at these events is all about building connections and sharing your experience with, and knowledge of, The Rebuilding Center. We have a great line-up of community events on the schedule and look forward to involving all of you in the community outreach and information sharing. 

You will receive an email reminder 24 hrs prior the the event. Sign up below:

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